Treatment Options


Botox Cosmetic®

The highly safe and effective, FDA approved Botox Cosmetic® when injected into specific muscle groups of the face, will temporarily inhibit the muscles action and thereby soften the associated visible lines of the skin.  If you have been told you look tired or angry when you aren't or your crows feet make it look like you are squinting, but you're not outside, it is time to think about Botox Cosmetic®!

Injectable Dermal Fillers

Immediately improves the appearance of moderate to deep facial wrinkles and folds, restoring a more youthful fullness to areas where natural volume loss can be more apparent, such as around the nose and mouth.  Results are immediate with little or no bruising and the appearance is very soft and natural with correction lasting up to one full year!

Chemical Peels

It is all about restoring the health of our skin due to decades of damage done when baby oil was our only sunscreen.  Treatments can be perfected for every skin type and beautiful ethnicity.  Topical agent such as glycolic, lactic and malic acids will resurface and rejuvenate the skin of your face and body by evening out pigment changes, smoothing texture and enhancing tone.  Through this very effective process you will not only rejuvenate your appearance but you will also restore the overall health of your skin!

Medical Microdermabrasion

Combines the physical exfoliation of microdermabrasion along with a chemical peel to more actively eliminate photodamage.  Following this combined treatment an oxygenating facial is done to soothe and also penetrate complex amino peptides and antioxidants deeper into the skin.

Bio Ultimate Facelift Treatment™

As seen on Oprah's "Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Day's" Episode.   This extraordinary facial reduces the signs of aging by utilizing the latest in microcurrent technology.  The muscles of your face are toned, re-contoured and tightened along with gently stimulating collagen production.  Deeply infused humectants restore skins healthy hydration and increased micro-circulation promotes healthier cell growth.  A firmer revitalized appearance is achieved after the first application!  This can be a stand alone treatment or incorporated into any chemical peel or microdermabrasion.

Oxygen Facials

Delivers oxygenated product infusion deep into the dermis to powerfully address expression aging, dehydration and inflammation.  This remarkable treatment used alone or combined with anyone of our corrective facials will revitalize and rebalance damaged and environmentally stressed skin.

Face and Body Treatments

Safe for every skin type and beautiful ethnicity.  Treatment options include pore refining, calming, hydrating, detoxifying as well as clarifying treatments for adult and adolescent acne.

Invisible Expression Facial

Targets expression aging specifically around the eyes to soften crow's feet, reduce edema and deeply hydrate this delicate facial area.

Laser Facial

Gently and painlessly uses a focused light energy that penetrates the skin without damaging it to destroy pigment irregularities and vascular changes often associated with Rosacea and advanced sun damage.  This soothing laser facial requires no down time and is safe and effective for nearly every skin type.

Deep Tissue Laser Treatment

Uses a focused thermal laser energy that targets the mid to deep dermis stimulating natural collagen production and strength.  This safe and highly effective (non-ablative) treatment produces a precise tightening and firming effect to the skin with the surface of the skin becoming smoother and more elastic.  This treatment gives you maximum results with minimal discomfort and no down time.

Laser Hair Reduction

Unlike the early generation lasers or IPL treatments, our advanced medical laser technology gives a faster more effective solution to the problem of unwanted hair for men and women alike.  This unique technology can also provide us with the ability to treat patients of every beautiful ethnicity.  If there are areas where hair growth makes you self-conscious, where you are constantly plucking, waxing or endlessly shaving, we have the solution for you.  Treatments are quick, easy and clinically proven.  It is time to re-discover the confidence and ease of hair free skin.

Laser Solutions for Spider Veins

Spider veins on the face and legs bother millions of people and are a result of sun exposure, hormones, aging or heredity.  Our laser technology can deliver a precise dose of energy that will selectively coagulate the targeted veins while sparing the skin and surrounding tissue.  After this effective and non-invasive treatment, the vessel will slowly and naturally disappear.

Laser Solutions for Age Spots

Hyperpigmented areas of the face, hands or body can reveal our age more than wrinkles.  This laser treatment will effectively eliminate benign pigmented areas restoring your skins natural tone.  Because not all pigmented areas are safe for this laser treatment, we will always put your safety first and never proceed should a biopsy be indicated.

If you think medical spa treatments for men fall into the over used 90's term "Metrosexual" it might surprise you to know that the skin care services women have been getting since Cleopatra can soften and rejuvenate your skin too!  Really...No Kidding!  The sun's damaging rays are not gender biased and equally affected the health of your skin as much as any woman's!  Ask any woman and they will tell you that the "rugged look" of the 70's has gone the same way as the Marlboro Man and white belts! For you golfers, tune in some weekend to watch your favorite PGA tournament and see the dramatic before and after image they reveal when they remove their hats or visors!   Unfortunately, this is the same cellular damage your skin has, just minus the paycheck!  In the always-challenging employment market, maintaining your position may be just as much judged on your appearance as it is on your experience! After your free consultation, you won't walk out with a pretty pink sample bag tied in a bow....just the plain "rugged" truth with a simple remedy!

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